Chicken Strips with Fries - $9.95

Bay Street Shrimp - $10.45

Served with cocktail sauce.

Mac-n- Cheese Wedges - $9.95

Onion Rings - $7.45

A Midwest tradition.

Chicken Strips 7.25

French Fry Basket - $6.45

Mini Corn Dogs - $8.45

Cheese Curds - $7.45

Bay Street Wings 

(6) $7.95
(12) $10.95
(24) $21.95
Plain, Dry Rub or Buffalo. Served with your choice of sauce.

Tater Tot Nachos - $11.45

Nachos made with tater tots instead. Choose from beef OR chicken and topped with onion, black olives, jalapeños, and cheese. Topped with lettuce and tomato.

Quesadillas - $9.95

Large flour tortillas filled with onion, tomato, jalapeños and cheddar cheese. Served with salsa and sour cream.
Add Chicken, Beef or Chorizo. 11.95

Soups and Salads

Dressing are House made and include: ranch, thousand island, Italian, and Bleu cheese.

Soup of the Day 
$3.95  Cup
$4.95  Bowl

Ask your server or check out the Bay Street Board for our fresh daily house made soup.

Soup and Salad - $6.95

Cup of soup and a dinner salad.

Dinner Salad - $4.45

Fresh mixed greens with tomato, cheddar cheese, cucumbers and your choice of dressing.

Cobb Salad - $9.45

Ham, turkey, Swiss, cheddar, Blue cheese crumbles, onion, tomato, black olives, and a hardboiled egg.

Fried Chicken Salad - $8.45

Fresh mixed greens and breaded chicken pieces, cheddar cheese, tomato, black olives and cucumbers. With your choice of sauce.

1/2 Sandwich and Soup - $6.95

Cup of fresh made soup and choose from Ham, Turkey, or Roast Beef with your choice of cheese and bread.


Lava Cake- $3.95

Carmel Apple Pie - $5.25

Served A-la-mode

Mini Doughnuts - $4.00

Xangos- $6.95

Deep Fried cheese cake with whipped cream & Strawberries